Zack Bieber is a well known robot builder that competed both in the original BattleBots on Comedy Central and the 2015

Zack Bieber as of 2015.

ABC Reboot series. Fans most remember him for competing with El Diablo and El Diablo Grande in the middlewieght and heavyweight divisions respectively. Zack is also an artist and a guitarist but maintains a much more kind personality in spite of the demonic sculptures and artwork he makes. Zack had a fair bit amount of success when he competed in Battlebots, reaching the middleweight finals with El Diablo during its first run, and the round of 16 in Season 4.0. El Diablo Grande didn't achieve the same success and both robots were replaced by Razorback for the ABC Reboot, which had even less success.

Outside of Battlebots, Zack has made many other non-combat robots and works for The Machine Lab.

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