As part of a range planned to be released in 2016 by HEXBUG, Witch Doctor is one of multiple robots in the RC Series and features a working weapon separate from the drive motors. It is a very accurate representation of Witch Doctor, though at the moment lacks Shaman that was with it on the TV show. When the toy is activated or turned off, its drive wheels move back-and-forth briefly. Much like the previous BattleBots toys, Witch Doctor has pieces that come off to represent damage, namely two wedge pieces clipped on and its top held in place with magnets. The included palm-sized remote allows the toy to be controlled with 1 of 4 possible channels. In spite of having four wheels like the real robot, only the front two are powered by motors. If you buy the toys separate from one another, or from the HEXBUG website, each one comes with their own special sticker that references the robot being replicated as a toy. When not in use for roughly 30 seconds to a minute, the toy will shut off automatically.

Changes from the Prototype

When the toy was released, certain changes had been made from its original prototype showcast at Toy Fair 2016.

1. The wheels were gray on the prototype but were changed to white for the final product.

2. The colors on both the prototype's removable lid and front plow were much more dull but were made darker and more vibrant for the toy's final release.

3. The red light inside the prototype was removed for the final release.

4. The motor that powers the prototype's blade was a lower pitch than the motor of the final product's blade.

5. The remote control for the prototype was orange and blueish but was changed to be gray for the final release.

6. The tires for the prototype's wheels are narrower than the final product's tires.

7. The lid for the prototype was less durable than the final product's lid.


1. Owners of the toy have found possible problems such as the supports for the weapon interfering with the remote, preventing the toy from either moving or activating/deactivating the weapon.

  • Moving the remote either closer or in another spot near the toy may get the signal back to the toy.

2. The pull tab for the remote can also become a problem if half the tab is missing or broken off, preventing the toy from working until the piece is removed frum underneath the battery in the remote.

3. Similar to the RC Tombstone, the RC Witch Doctor may get stuck on the edge where the floor transitions to carpet, especially with its low ground clearance at the front.

  • As with the RC Tombstone, simply tape over the edge where the two surfaces meet to smooth out the transition and reduce the likelihood of the toy getting stuck again later.

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Tips for Use

1. Since the toy has no way to result in a KO, one way to rectify this is to remove the battery cover underneath the toy. This allows the batteries to fall out, giving the feel that the toy has been KO'd.

2. If the first tip seems too unconventional or you don't want to lose the batteries, you can make the fight last longer by adding a rule that disables the part if it is hit with the opposing toy's weapon (a wheel for example). However, since the wheels turn simultaneously, both wheels will have to be hit for this rule to knock the toy out.

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