Wingspan CAD

An interpretation of what WingSpan might have looked like.

WingSpan was a heavyweight robot that was being built for BattleBots Season 5.0. It was a very unique design using two pneumatic jaws which were designed to hold a robot in place, and an incredibly powerful nitrogen-powered spike centered in between them (Its force was likened to that of a .45 caliber bullet at point-blank range). It also had a semi-autonomous aiming system and adjustible shock absorbers to keep from being high-centered.The whole project was kept mainly a secret from the public, with only small teasers to create hype for the robot's unveiling at 5.0. However, the robot was not finished in time and with Season 6.0 being canceled and the team's leaving the sport two years later the project was never fully unveiled.
WingSpan weapon test01:48

WingSpan weapon test

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