As part of a separate branch of the HEXBUG BattleBots merchandise, Tombstone was selected as one of at least two robots to be made as a kit by VEX Robotics. It's a rather large replica, seemingly about as large as the BattleBots Custom Series toys and features Tombstone's blue blade. Despite what the box claims, the pieces are rather snug to fit together, making it difficult to assemble or disassemble. Also, the instructions aren't as clear as they could be regarding the smaller metal rods used for the gearbox and the mechansim that connects the drive wheels to the weapon. When the kit is fully assembled and moved along the ground, the blade spins but there is nothing to cover the internals, allowing the viewer to see inside. It is also possible to build the Season 1 version of the robot with the red blade, or even mix and match the two designs. Curiously, the kit uses two separate metal rods for the drive axle instead of one, which creates a problem when playing with the toy as the blue gears for the gearbox that connects the two axles can fall out, rendering the toy's main functionality inoperable until the gears are re-inserted.