Tin Shredder.

Tin Shredder was a middleweight robot built by a student team which competed in the 2009 BattleBots competition. It was a robot with two wheels on the top and bottom so it could run upside-down and armed with a spinning drum embedded into the wedge. It did well, becoming the runner-up of the tournament.

Robot History

2009 High School Championship

In Tin Shredder's first fight against The Blender, Tin Shredder drove at The Blender, getting caught on the hell raisers. The Blender then started deflecting Tin Shredder every time Tin Shredder drove at The Blender. Tin Shredder hen managed to get under The Blender a few times. The Blender got caught by the hell raisers before Tin Shredder was deflected a few times by The Blender. The Blender was then wedged under by Tin Shredder and left under the pulverizer where it got hit once. The Blender escaped and ran away, getting caught by the hell raisers again. Tin Shredder took chase and got caught by the hell raisers as well, landing on The Blender, which started hitting the base of Tin Shredder. Tin Shredder escaped and The Blender was then pushed back by Tin Shredder. The two robots then got caught by the hell raisers, the two of them continuing to fight before they got caught by the hell raisers again. Tin Shredder then pushed The Blender into the screws before a bit of metal was made loose before Tin Shredder tried to wedge under The Blender. The Blender continued to hit Tin Shredder until the end of the fight. Tin Shredder won the judges decision.

For the title of champion, Tin Shredder fought The Blender again. In this fight, Tin Shredder changed strategy and did not drive at The Blender like it did in the first fight between the two robots. The Blender hit Tin Shredder before Tin Shredder avoided The Blender. The Blender hit Tin Shredder's side before The Blender damaged the corner of Tin Shredder's wedge. Tin shredder reared up and hit The Blender. Tin Shredder then bounced The Blender off the wedge where it nearly got hit by the pulverizer. The Blender was caught by the hell raisers before it continued hitting Tin Shredder which was now hobbling around. Tin Shredder had stopped moving and The Blender hit it, knocking the end of the wedge loose before ripping it off altogether. Tin shredder was counted out, becoming runner up of the High School Championship.


  • Wins: ?
  • Losses: 2
Wins Losses
2009 High School Championship The Blender (twice)

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