The Butcher.

The Butcher was Inertia Labs' fifth robot, built for the Season 5.0 competition. It was a superheavyweight with a unique weapon design--a pneumatic spinning disc. It would use this disc in a way similar to a pneumatic punch--spinning the weapon in short bursts to deal damage. The Butcher lost its second fight in Season 5.0, but still appeared on TV as it was used in a demonstration match against commentator Bil Dwyer's robot Evil Cheese Wedge, and it absolutely destroyed it.

It competed after BattleBots in a slightly upgraded form and renamed Hack Job.

Robot History

Season 5.0

The Butcher's first preliminary bout was against Janus. In this fight, The Butcher drove out, and the two circled for a short time. The Butcher pivoted quickly, and pushed Janus from the side easily. Janus, having trouble steering, managed to get The Butcher on its lifter but was only able to lift it up, not tip it over. The Butcher pinned Janus to the wall and Janus' driver immediately tapped out. The Butcher was unable to spin its weapon in this fight due to a loose wire.

This victory put The Butcher into the next round where it fought Super Nova, but it lost the fight by TKO.


The Butcher carves into Evil Cheese Wedge.

However, The Butcher wasn't done yet that season, as it was picked by Comedy Central to fight Evil Cheese Wedge. In this match, The Butcher spun up its blade and collided with Evil Cheese Wedge, making one of Evil Cheese Wedge's wheels come off. The Butcher scraped along the side of Evil Cheese Wedge, and its blade caught some wires hanging out of the broken bot, causing Evil Cheese Wedge to be dragged along the floor. Eventually, Evil Cheese Wedge lost its other wheel and got its armor ripped off by The Butcher's spinning blade, and Evil Cheese Wedge was counted out.

Evil Cheese Wedge, destroyed by The Butcher.


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 1
Wins Losses
Season 5.0


Evil Cheese Wedge (Demo)

Super Nova
Hack Job

The Butcher as Hack Job

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