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Team Whyachi is best known for their destructive capabilities and unique weapons. Team Whyachi still competes today, in a wide variety of weight classes, and helps make parts for other teams. Team Whyachi has had a lot of success in BattleBots, winning the Heavyweight division in Season 3.0 with Son of Whyachi, and the Hobbyweight division in the NPC Charity Open with Ricochet. Terry Ewart, builder of Son of Whyachi, had initially decided to retire from robotic combat but changed his mind and decided to continue battling but would not be the driver.
Robot Weight class Events competed in
Whyachi Superheavyweight Season 3.0
Son of Whyachi

Heavyweight (Season 3.0) and 2016

Superheavyweight (Season 4.0-5.0)

Season 3.0-ABC Reboot 2
YU812 Lightweight Season 4.0-NPC Chairity Open 2004
Y-Pout Heavyweight Season 4.0-Season 5.0
Why Not Middleweight Season 4.0-Season 5.0
Red Square Middleweight Season 5.0-NPC Chairity Open 2004
Warrior Heavyweight Season 5.0-NPC Charity Open 2004
Falcon Middleweight NPC Charity Open 2004, BattleBots Rochester R3, 2009 Collegiate Championship
Warrior SKF Heavyweight 2009 Professional Championship
BABS Middleweight 2009 High School Championship
Warrior Clan Heavyweight ABC BattleBots 2015 Reboot
1A Antweight NPC Charity Open 2004
POW Antweight NPC Charity Open 2004
3A Beetleweight NPC Charity Open 2004
Ricochet Hobbyweight NPC Charity Open 2004
  • Son of Whyachi
  • Whyachi
  • YU812
  • Y-Pout
  • Why Not
  • Red Square
  • Warrior
  • Falcon
  • Warrior SKF
  • BABS
  • Warrior Clan
  • Ricochet
  • 1A
  • 3A
  • POW


  • Wins: 26
  • Losses: 21

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