Plumb crazy

Matt (upper right), and Wendy (upper left) with their robots Pipe Wench (bottom left), Sewer Snake (center), and Devil's Plunger (bottom right).

Team PlumbCrazy creators of Sewer Snake, both incarnations of Stinger: The Killer Bee, Devil's Plunger, Wipe Out, Angry Asp, Pipe Wench, PSS Ant, and Evil Plunger Team Members Matt and Wendy Maxim are best known for their high-speed robots with lifting/flipping arms, namely Stinger: The Killer Bee, Sewer Snake and Devil's Plunger. Each of these three robots is known for doing well in competition by managing to press on even with the damage piling up, especially Sewer Snake, which has managed to defeat its long-time rival Last Rites even when there's few wheels left attached on its body.

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