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Team Loki is an old and very well-known team that competed since Season 1.0 of BattleBots, with some success. The team was originally a FIRST Robotics team, and they entered Season 1.0 under their FIRST team name, Rammtech 59. However, they wanted a unique team name for BattleBots, and came up with Team Loki, named after the Norse god of mischief. Team Loki was the umbrella name for three teams: Team Loki 1, Team Loki 2, and Team Fembot, which was the first all-woman team in BattleBots and fielded Buddy Lee Don't Play in the Street.

Team Loki no longer competes. However, team member Nola Garcia is a mentor for the Carrollton School's robotics program, which fielded Sweet Revenge in the ABC reboot of BattleBots. TriMangle's driver and Surgeon General's & Rammstein's designer Korey Kline also entered the ABC reboot with Mohawk.

In 2005, Team Loki member Julio Roqueta sadly passed away by being struck by a car.

Robot Weight class Events competed in
Thorn Lightweight Season 1.0
Rammstein Superheavyweight Season 1.0-Season 5.0
Buddy Lee Don't Play in the Street Middleweight Season 2.0-Season 4.0 and 2011 High School Tournament
Turbo Middleweight Season 2.0-Season 5.0
Surgeon General Heavyweight Season 2.0-2009 Pro Championships
TriMangle Superheavyweight Season 3.0-Season 5.0
Afterburner Lightweight Season 4.0-Season 5.0
Choo-Choo Bacca Middleweight 2011 High School Tournament
  • Thorn
  • Rammstein
  • Turbo
  • Buddy Lee
  • Surgeon General
  • TriMangle
  • Afterburner
  • Honest Abe
  • Turbo's clone, Choo Choo Bacca
  • D-Capitate (Demo Only)


  • Wins: 28
  • Losses: 21

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