Team Duct Tape was a team which participated in multiple BattleBots seasons It was headed by Jerome Miles, who built every robot on the team. While Team Duct Tape was not the most successful, it did rack up a small pile of victories over the years and the team still competes today.

Robots entered into BattleBots

Robot Name Weight Class Events Participated In
Knome Lightweight Long Beach 1999
Gremlin II Lightweight Season 1.0
Knome II Heavyweight Season 1.0
Sublime Lightweight Season 2.0, Season 3.0, Season 5.0
Red Devil Heavyweight ABC Season 2.0
  • Knome
  • Knome II
  • Gremlin II
  • Sublime
  • Unibite
  • Hyperactive
  • Hot Stuff
  • Hyper Active, the featherweight version of Hyperactive
  • Hyper Drive
  • Hyperbite
  • Red Devil

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