Team Diablo logo.

Team Diablo was a team that competed in the final four seasons of BattleBots. The team was lead by Zach Bieber of Monrovia, California. The team performed decently in BattleBots, reaching the middleweight finals with El Diablo in Season 2.0, the quarterfinals in Season 4.0 and the round of 32 with El Diablo Grande in Season 5.0.

Team Diablo no longer competes. However, team leader Zach Bieber built Razorback for the ABC reboot of BattleBots.

Robots entered into BattleBots

Robot Weight class Events competed in
El Diablo Middleweight Season 2.0, Season 4.0-Season 5.0
El Diablo Grande Heavyweight Season 3.0-Season 5.0
Little Wicked Lightweight

Season 4.0

Razorback Heavyweight ABC Season 1
  • El Diablo.
  • El Diablo Grande.
  • Little Wicked.
  • Pig Sticker.
  • Razorback.
  • Pig Sticker from the front with its weapon down


  • Wins: 10
  • Losses: 7

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