Swampthing official

Swamp Thing as it appeared for the first season of the ABC reboot.

Swamp Thing was a heavyweight robot built by Hardcore Robotics for the first season ABC reboot of BattleBots. It was not their main robot, but was brought in case there were not enough robots to fill the bracket. Since there were, Swamp Thing was not needed. Its weapons were a small overhead axe, a flamethrower on the front, and a rear hinged thwacking tail with lights. Said tail as connected to the back of the body with a electromagnet so the tail could be ditched mid fight. It did not compete, but did beat Chronic in a grudge match. 

Hardcore Robotics competed with Tombstone in the ABC reboot in 2015.

A previous model that resembled a crocodile or alligator and built from scraps entered the 2004 NPC Charity Event. This version was a middleweight, its weapons were a pair of jaws on the front of the robot, and a small spike in the back. The jaws did not use motors, the lower jaw was just a hinged wedge but was activated by Swamp Thing accelerating, opening the jaws, and then decelerating, closing the jaws.

Swamp Thing will no longer be appearing at BattleBots events, but will be replacing The Great Pumpkin, which was Hardcore Robotics' previous secondary heavyweight, at RoboGames where it won once and lost twice. To make weight in the 220lb weight class, its axe weapon will be removed. Swamp Thing is not confirmed to compete in RoboGames 2017.

Robot History

2004 NPC charity Event

Swamp thing

Swamp Thing's 2004 appearance.

After receiving a bye, Swamp Thing went up against Falconizer. Despite getting tossed multiple times by Falconizer's spinning drum, Swamp Thing was still moving before the time ran out. Falconizer won on a judge's decision and Swamp Thing was now in the loser's bracket. It received a second bye in the loser's bracket and went up against Red Square.

Red Square got underneath Swamp Thing multiple times and flipped it onto its back after a collision between both robots. After this, Swamp Thing moved to the corner of the arena and Red Square pushed it under the pulverizer. Swamp Thing ran away and Red Square got underneath Swamp Thing once again. Red Square tried to flip Swamp Thing, but misses and Swamp Thing drove itself at the arena wall. Swamp Thing drove over Red Square some more and later stopped moving. Red Square tried pushing it toward the pulverizer, but Swamp Thing was already being counted out. Red Square won by KO and Swamp Thing was eliminated from the tournament.

ABC Season 1

SwampThingvsChronic BB2015

A tailless Swamp Thing fighting Chronic.

In Swamp Thing's only fight, it met Chronic and, despite losing its tail, won after something happened to Chronic's drive. This was actually the first fight in the new arena.


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
2004 NPC Charity Event Bye (X2) Falconizer

Red Square

ABC Season 1 Chronic (Grudge Match) None

Swamp Thing as the first version of The Great Pumpkin.


Swamp thing was beaten by a Team Whyachi robot twice in a row in the same Battlebots event.

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