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ST lv00

Suicidal Tendencies' Season 2.0 appearance.

Suicidal Tendencies was a Robot Wars veteran that came from Derby in the United Kingdom and was one of nine Robot Wars robots to come to BattleBots. It was a tracked robot armed with a plow, which it only used during BattleBots, and an axe.

Robot HistoryEdit

Season 1.0Edit

ST sf00

Suicidal Tendencies' Season 1.0 appearance.

ST vs GT

Suicidal Tendencies gets axed by Gammatron.

Suicidal Tendencies fought Gammatron in its only fight after receiving a first round bye. Once the fight started, Suicidal Tendencies charged over and immediately struck Gammatron with the axe several times, until eventually it got stuck in Gammatron's polycarbonate armor. After getting it free, it pulled away before attacking once more. Despite the lifters not working, Suicidal Tendencies continued to pound on Gammatron with its axe, whilst Gammatron's huge axe was banging down on either side of Suicidal Tendencies. Gammatron managed to connect several times in the fight, causing some damage. It almost managed to cut through Suicidal Tendencies' 12mm Macrolon shell, but although the axe appeared to go through the armor, Gammatron's axe actually went through the gap where Suicidal Tendencies' axe runs through causing no damage. Despite Suicidal Tendencies being more aggressive, the judges awarded Gammatron a 6-3 judge's decision, eliminating Suicidal Tendencies. However, Suicidal Tendencies manged to tie with Alpha Raptor for the "Best Newcomer" award.

Nightmare rips off one of Suicidal Tendencies' tracks.

It also entered the heavyweight rumble, but didn't do well. It drove over BioHazard in the opening stages, but was open in the center of the arena and was involved in a massive collision, burning out the motors. Immobile in the center of the arena, Nightmare came and hit it straight on, ripping off one of the tracks. It was then pushed into a corner, where it did nothing until Mauler ended up beside it which Suicidal Tendencies used its lifter and axe combination to attack it with. It did not win the rumble due to its lack of movement and BioHazard was declared the winner overall.

Season 2.0Edit

Suicidal Tendencies first fought Blunt Force Trauma. Suicidal Tendencies drove out to hit Blunt Force Trauma, who had spun up to speed and damaged the plow of Suicidal Tendencies. Blunt Force Trauma's weapon stopped spinning and Suicidal Tendencies started pushing, and eventually Blunt Force Trauma was pushed up against the spike strip and was pounded by the pulverizer. Blunt Force Trauma eventually escaped but got trapped under another pulverizer. Blunt Force Trauma started smoking, stopped moving and was counted out. Suicidal Tendencies won by KO and advanced to the round of 16, where it faced BioHazard.

Biohazard vs st

BioHazard lifts Suicidal Tendencies into the pulverizer.

BioHazard charges straight at Suicidal Tendencies and got underneath it momentarily. Both robots started pushing each other around the killsaws. BioHazard pushes Suicidal Tendencies up against the arena wall and BioHazard's front got stuck against the spikestrip, but escapes. Suicidal Tendencies continues trying to push BioHazard, but BioHazard pushes Suicidal Tendencies under the pulverizer for several direct hits. Both bots continue attacking, with BioHazard driving across the top of Suicidal Tendencies, and BioHazard lifted Suicidal Tendencies against the wall arena again. BioHazard drives too close to the killsaws and gets hit before it pushed Suicidal Tendencies into them, which removes Suicidal Tendencies's left tread. BioHazard started attacking Suicidal Tendencies again and removes the other tread, disabling Suicidal Tendencies completely. BioHazard lifted the immobile Suicidal Tendencies again and pushes it against the side of the pulverizer. BioHazard backed up and does a victory dance before the time ran out. BioHazard won on a unanimous 45-0 judge's decision and Suicidal Tendencies was eliminated from the tournament again.

Suicidal Tendencies wasn't finished, however, as it entered the heavyweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament and it performed decently. It was one of few robots that were still moving in the end, but lost out to Tazbot.


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
Wins Losses
Season 1.0 None Gammatron
Season 2.0 Blunt Force Trauma Biohazard

Mark Beiro IntroductionsEdit

"He will pound you, astound you and turn you into ground round too. In the red square, its SUICIDAL TENDENCIES!"

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