Stop-Bot in the arena at BattleBots Rochester R3

Stop-Bot was a Middleweight robot that entered BattleBots Rochester R3. It was a Silver, octagon shaped robot, with stop sign graphics on the top, and armed with an overhead spinning bar. Stop-Bot performed well in the competition, reaching the semifinals before ultimately losing to SubZero.

Robot History

BattleBots Rochester R3

StopBot rips into God's Wrath

Stop-Bot rips into God's Wrath.

After recieving a bye in the first round Stop Bot's first opponent was Chaos Toaster. This was a rather uneventful fight, as Stop-Bot's blade was too high to do any damage to its opponent, it was simply shoved around the BattleBox by Chaos Toaster until Chaos Toaster broke down with under a minute left on the clock, and was counted out giving Stop Bot the win by knockout in 2 minutes, 22 seconds.

This stroke of luck put StopBot into the next round where it faced God's Wrath. This would prove to be a very destructive fight, it started with Stop-Bot spinning up to full speed, and immediately colliding with God's Wrath. This attack Simultaneously shredded God's Wrath's front armor, and peeled back its front right armor. However this also stopped its spinner, and God's Wrath held Stop-Bot there for a while before it got away.

Stop Bots tears more parts off of God's Wrath

Stop Bot tears apart the front of God's Wrath.

Once Stop-Bot got away it spun up to full speed, and collided with God's Wrath causing more damage. God's Wrath then tried to push Stop-Bot, however it was too badly damaged at this point to do anything, and Stop-Bot tore apart the front of God's Wrath even more. God's Wrath then started running away, and Stop-Bot gave chase, catching up with God's Wrath, Stop-Bot attacked it again sending parts flying into the ceiling.

This attack disabled half of God's Wrath's drive, leaving it to move in circles, this allowed Stop-Bot to come in for another attack, ripping rear wedge panel off of God's Wrath.

StopBot destroys God's Wrath

Stop Bot sends the rear wedge of God's Wrath flying.

After driving onto the front of God's Wrath, and being pushed a few inches Stop-Bot came on the attack again and delivered another large blow to God's Wrath. This completely disabled its drive, and mangled it even more causing God's Wrath to tap out.

Stop-Bot was now in the next round where it faced Falcon. It lost this fight by KO sending Stop-Bot to the loser's bracket. As Stop-Bot was one of six robots left in the Middleweight division of the tournament, it was in the quarterfinals where it was scheduled to face Chaos Toaster again. However Chaos Toaster had technical issues, and was forced to forfeit the match putting Stop-Bot into the semifinals where it faced SubZero. It lost this match, and was eliminated from the tournament.


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
BattleBots bye

Chaos Toaster

God's Wrath

Chaos Toaster (Forfeit)



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