Splatter2 BB2016

Splatter's ABC Season 2 appearance.

Splatter is a heavyweight robot built by Team Fast Electric Robots for the first two seasons of ABC's BattleBots reboot. In Season 1, it was not chosen to compete, instead being an alternate. Splatter's main weapon was an articulated drum spinner; a small spinning drum mounted on an arm which could rotate 180 degrees. The arm had forks so it could be used as a lifter, and it could also use the drum as a hammer weapon.

Team Fast Electric Robots also competed with Deb Bot, Matts Bammer and Think Tank. Splatter's design was inspired by the beetleweight of the same name.

Team Fast Electric Robots have also competed in RoboGames with Wanna Go?, Doom On You and Whiplash. The latter of which managed to take revenge on Team Plumb Crazy's Sewer Snake in 2017, for Splatter's loss against Stinger in 2015.

Robot History

Splatter BB2015

Splatter's ABC Season 1 appearance.

ABC Season 1


Splatter pushes Bull Dog over the killsaws

Despite not competing in the main competition, Splatter participated in a three bot rumble with Bull Dog and Stinger. It worked with Stinger to light Bull Dog on fire and push it into the killsaws. It was still moving at the end, but lost overall to Stinger.

Splatter was due to compete in a nine bot rumble at the end of the tournament, but due to time restraints in filming, the rumble never happened.

ABC Season 2

WarriorvsSplatter BB2016

Splatter is tossed by Warrior Clan

Splatter's first ever match in the main competition was against Warrior Clan. For this match, the team attached a fishing rod to Splatter in hopes of taking down the Warrior Dragon, but the rod fell off almost immediately. In the match, Splatter kept driving over Warrior Clan and Warrior Clan got its spinning ring onto the right side of Splatter. While the Warrior Dragon drone was flying around the BattleBox, Warrior Clan kept hitting Splatter with its spinning ring and flipped it into the air at one point. The time ran out and Warrior Clan won on a unanimous 3-0 judge's decision. Splatter unfortunately was not chosen to be a wild card meaning it was eliminated from the tournament.

Splatter wasn't finished yet as it participated in a small rumble with The Disk O' Inferno and Rotator. The rumble started out pretty well for Splatter as it was able to withstand attacks from Rotator and put The Disk O' Inferno out of action. However, after helping The Disk O' Inferno back onto its wheels, Splatter took several big hits from Rotator and had its side ripped open, leaving it only able to drive in circles. Splatter was unable to do any further attacks and Rotator was declared the winner of the rumble in a unanimous judges decision.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
Competition Wins Losses
ABC Season 2 None Warrior Clan

The beetleweight version of Splatter which inspired this robot.

Faruq Tauheed Introductions

"This speed racer is a crash chaser, madder than a hatter and ready to shatter! It's SPLATTER!"

"This Matchbox car is diecast to leave a scar. Livin' life in the crash lane, it's SPLATTER!"

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