Ogre slam cam

The view from Ogre's Slam Cam during its fight with Minion.

The Slam Cam was an in-robot camera which provided a "robot's-eye view" of a fight. Due to their size and weight, they were more commonly found on heavier robots than lighter ones. The Slam Cam made its television debut in Season 2.0, first appearing on Season 2, Episode 1 H1 on No Tolerance III, then Minion later on in the series. They then appeared in every season afterwards, on many other robots. These cameras were initially not very stable, shaking and having unstable images but were later fixed, though they often failed when the robot they were equipped to was attacked.

The cameras consisted of a remote lens (like a webcam) which then wired back to a hardened box which contained a typical camcorder to record the footage. Slam Cams were dropped initially after BattleBots was rebooted, however starting with Battlebots 2018 the Slam Cams made a return. This time using 360 degree cameras as the Slam Cam.

End Game Cam

View from End Games Slam Cam during its fight with Captain Shrederator.

On some robots, they allowed for the remote camera to stay permanently attached to the robot, and simply moved the recording box from one robot to another between matches.  The weight of the Slam Cam was exempted from the robot's overall weight limit, so it was appealing (for the sake of cool footage and more likely TV exposure) to have a robot which could accommodate the Slam Cam.

In the original run Slam Cam footage was usually used mid-match, and after the match. Upon its return in 2018 however it was made so that the footage would only be shown after the fight in some cases, and usually the Slam Cam footage would be uploaded to BattleBots official YouTube channel.

Robots on the show that used Slam Cams

  • Malice (had two Slam cams as a chewtoy in the Season 3.0 Heavyweight Royal Rumble)