A Seeding system was introduced for the ABC reboot of BattleBots. Here, all robots that had qualified for the bracket phase of the tournament were each given a ranking, largely based on how they had performed or how popular they were. This also determined who would fight each other in the bracket phase; the highest ranked robot would fight the lowest ranked robot, for example. Robots selected as wildcards were also seeded, although this rarely affected their rank - often they outranked robots that won their battles if they proved more impressive.

ABC Season 1

1. Tombstone
2. Icewave
3. Bite Force
4. Bronco
5. Stinger
6. Lock-Jaw
7. Warrior Clan
8. OverDrive

9. Witch Doctor
10. Ghost Raptor
11. Overhaul
12. Warhead
13. Plan X
14. HyperShock
15. Chomp
16. Radioactive

ABC Season 2

1. Tombstone
2. Bronco
3. Witch Doctor
4. Bite Force
5. Stinger
6. Son of Whyachi
7. Minotaur
8. Icewave
9. Beta
10. Complete Control
11. HyperShock
12. Yeti
13. Chomp
14. Cobalt
15. Razorback
16. Brutus

17. Lock-Jaw
18. Ghost Raptor
19. Bombshell
20. Captain Shrederator
21. Lucky
22. Warrior Clan
23. Warhead
24. Overhaul
25. Nightmare
26. Blacksmith
27. Poison Arrow
28. Mega Tento
29. The Ringmaster
30. Red Devil
31. Chrome Fly
32. Escape Velocity

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