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Season 1.0, Episode 2
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Episode 2 of BattleBots Season 1.0 was the second televised episode of BattleBots and determined the Quarter-Finalists of the 1st season of BattleBots.


Voltarc vs. Bender

Voltarc stats sf00

Voltarc's Season 1.0 Profile.

Bender stats sf00

Bender's Season 1.0 Profile.

Voltarc started off the faster while Bender could barely leave the square. Voltarc pushed Bender around in the blue square, showing a lot of agression early on by knocking off  Bender's rear caster. Bender then backed up and got stuck on a wall, Voltarc came in and lifted up Bender with it's lifting arm. Bender then ramped over Voltarc and got hit by the killsaws, Voltarc gave chase and took a shot from the killsaws in the process. Voltarc got stuck on the ramrods then charged at Bender once more and pushed it on to the wall again. Voltarc charged at Bender again, this time showing the lifting arm by pushing up Bender. The time buzzer rang and the bout went to a judge's decision.

Winner- Voltarc via 9-0 Judges Decision

KillerHurtz vs. Knome 2

Killerhurtz stats 1.0

KillerHurtz's Season 1.0 Profile.

Knome II stats 1.0

Knome II's Season 1.0 Profile.

KillerHurtz bullets in and immediately takes off Knome's head and begins to repeatedly slam onto Knome's weak body, causing metal bits to fall off everywhere. KillerHurtz then backs up and slams Knome into the wall. KillerHurtz was stuck on the wall, getting hit by the sledge hammer while Knome was incapacitated on the wall as well as the match was called.

Winner- KillerHurtz via KO

Minion vs. Gray Matter

Minion stats 1.0

Minion's Season 1.0 Profile.

Gray matter stats 1.0

Gray Matter's Season 1.0 Profile.

Gray Matter bullets from his square and slams into Minion before it could exit the Red Square. Gray Matter pushes Minion a short distance, causing Minion to lose it's saw. Minion runs into the wall and Gray Matter stabs into the side of Minion. Minion pushes Gray Matter onto the hellraisers and Gray Matter Comes back with one more stab. The two rammed into each other and push for a few seconds before seperating again. Minion then pushes Gray Matter into the wall. Gray Matter pushes back, putting both on the killsaw and quickly getting off. Gray Matter's spike was stuck in Minion's front and Minion was pushing Gray Matter all around the Battlebox. Gray Matter then gets another push and sends Minion into the arena wall. Minion pushes back and the killsaw to Gray Matter's bottom seperates the two. Both robots take another trip to the killsaws when Minion gets under Gray Matter and slams it into the wall to get attacked by the sledge hammer. Minion then begins to repeatedly ram Gray Matter for the fight's remainder.

Winner- Minion via 7-2 Judges Decision

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