Scorpio was a middleweight robot that was entered in the 2011 BattleBots tournament. It was a black wedge-shaped robot armed with a flipping arm and a thwacking tail. It was built by Bulldog Bots from Duluth, Minnesota. It didn't perform well, losing to both Category 5 and Smashius Clay.

Robot history

Miami 2011

Scorpio's first fight was with Category 5. As soon as the fight started Category 5 spun up while Scorpio immediately wedged its flipper underneath a floor panel and got stuck. This allowed Category 5 to come in and rip part of Scorpio's side panel off while Scorpio was trying to use its flipper to free itself. Still stuck under the floor panel, Scorpio's team asked to be freed by their opponent. This resulted in Category 5 slamming into Scorpio again, this time sending it flying across the arena. After being freed Scorpio went into the center of the arena and started spinning. However Category 5 simply waited for Scorpio to stop spinning and slammed into its flipper, this sent Scorpio flying yet again. After this Scorpio tried to line up a ram attack with it's rear mounted hammer but missed so they tried another spin attack. Again Category 5 waited for Scorpio to stop spinning, then slammed into them again. This time mangling Scorpios flipper, after this Scorpio managed to successfully ram Category 5. This attack stopped Category 5 from spinning, and start emitting smoke. However the hit also immobilized Scorpio, who was counted out giving Category 5 the KO.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
Wins Losses
Miami 2011 None

Category 5

Smashius Clay

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