SHWRumble SF01B

The Season 4.0 Superheavyweight Grand Rumble.

Rumbles were battles at the end of BattleBots competitions where most if not all the survivors of a weight class were put in the BattleBox for a free for all fight. These matches usually lasted 5 minutes with most of them not featuring any active arena hazards.

During the ABC Reboot however only 3 bots would be in the box during the rumble, though a 9 way rumble was planned but never went ahead due to timing restraints. The reduced number of robots for the rumble was due to the fact that having so many robots in the arena at once made it pretty well impossible to film it all and make it look good for TV.

During ABC's second season rumbles had a much more important role, as they helped decide with which 4 robots out of the 12 competing would qualify. However, despite this UltraViolent qualified due to HellaChopper being unable to complete due to issues regarding the crowd's safety.

Royal Rumbles

Starting at the first event, all of the robots of a weight class were put in the BattleBox for a free for all. From Season 1.0, places for the Royal Rumbles was won by robots that had won a Consolation Rumble. Winners of Royal Rumbles are listed below:

Winners Lightweight Middleweight Heavyweight SuperHeavyweight
Long Beach 1999 Hammerhead Deadblow Razer N/A
Las Vegas 1999 BioHazard World Peace
Season 1.0 Mouser Mecha-Catbot Hazard BioHazard Minion
Season 2.0 Hammerhead Deadblow Tazbot Toro
Season 3.0 Ziggo T-Minus HexaDecimator Toro
Season 4.0 Dr. Inferno Jr. Bad Attitude Little Sister The Judge
Season 5.0 N/A N/A N/A  N/A
BattleBots Rochester R3
Skip or Die (4 way rumble 1) Star Hawk 3.0 (3 way rumble 1)
ABC Season 1
Nightmare (3 way rumble 1) Stinger (3 way rumble 2)
ABC Season 2
Bite Force (3 way rumble 1) Skorpios (3 way rumble 2) SawBlaze (3 way rumble 3) Lock-Jaw (3 way rumble 4) The Ringmaster (3 way rumble 5) Rotator (3 way rumble 6)

Note: Royal Rumbles and Consolation Rumbles was cancelled in Season 5.0 after Nightmare's disc tooth flew off after hitting Junkyard Offspring and going through the BattleBox roof, into the audience.

Consolation Rumbles

Starting from Season 1.0, there was Consolation Rumbles, where robots that lost early on had a chance to fight in the seasons Royal Rumble if they won. Winners of Consolation Rumbles are listed below: Consolation Rumbles were cancelled in Season 5.0 during the second rumble overall to be held as Nightmare's disc tooth flew off after hitting Spitfire and going through the BattleBox roof and into the audience.

Winners Lightweight Middleweight Heavyweight Superheavyweight
Season 1.0



Rott-Bott 2000


Serial Box Killer

Mouser Mecha-Catbot

Season 2.0


Serial Box Killer


Space Operations Force



Liquid Lunch


Season 3.0


The Crusher


Alabama Slammer

Little Sister



Half Gassed

Season 4.0

Dr. Inferno Jr.

The Crusher



Little Sister


Odin II

Atomic Wedgie

Season 5.0 N/A

Complete Control

Alabama Slammer

Little Sister



Rebooted BattleBots

In 2015, two rumbles were filmed with just one being aired. Listed below are the entrants to the rumbles from the 2015 reboot

A third, nine way rumble was planned but was cancelled due to time restraints. The following would have been in the nine way rumble:

For 2016, six rumbles was done with one getting aired and the others merely done to entertain the audience. Out of the six rumble entrants from 2015, Stinger, Witch Doctor, Overhaul and Splatter all featured in a rumble whilst Lock-Jaw and Wrecks made their rumble debut after the nine bot rumble they were going to be part of got cancelled the year before. At some point after filming the quarter-finals, a rumble between Nightmare, Mega Tento and Creepy Crawlies was planned but didn't go ahead due to time restraints.

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