The rules for BattleBots can be broken into two major categories, Design Rules and Tournament Rules. Both documents may be found on

Design Rules

The Design Rules dictate the upper and/or lower bounds for a variety of characteristics for a potential bot. Much of this information is given as guidence and warns that officials may make determinations for or against features not explicitly discussed in the published rules.

  1. BattleBot Basics
    1. Mobility
    2. Bot Control
    3. Weapons
    4. Configuration
    5. Component Protection
    6. Floor Clearance
  2. Weight Limit
  3. Activation/Deactivation
  4. Electrical System
  5. Remote Control
  6. Construction Materials
  7. Flames
  8. Active Weapons
  9. Internal Combustion Engines
  10. Pneumatics
  11. Hydraulics
  12. Handling Safety
  13. Telemetry Package
  14. Appearance

Tournament Rules

The Tournament Rules govern conduct in and around the BattleBox, as well as the Pit and Preparation Areas. Much of the rules are related to safety considerations.

  1. Introduction
  2. General Tournament Rules
  3. Pit and Preparation Area Rules
  4. Remote-Control Radio Use
  5. Safety/Technical Compliance
  6. Match Descriptions
  7. Contest Procedures
  8. Tournament Format
  9. Rules Enforcement

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