Root Canal in the pits.

Root Canal was a heavyweight robot built by Mutant Robots that competed in the 2009 Pro Championship. It was quite successful, becoming runner-up of the event. Root Canal also was the name of a middlewight built by the same team for earlier Battlebots seasons. That middleweight was rebuilt as this heavyweight to compete at the 2009 Pro Championship.

Root Canal was succeeded by Lock-Jaw for the next BattleBots competition. However, Root Canal was brought to the event for unknown reasons.

Robot History

Vallejo 2009

After losing to Eugene and then beating Drumble-B, Breaker Box, Stinger: The Killer Bee, SubZero, Surgeon General and VD6.0, Root Canal was in the finals of the loser's bracket, where it faced Tombstone.                                                                                

The fight begun with Tombstone shredding of one of Root Canal's jaws but Root Canal was able to push Tombstone to the screws. Tombstone retaliated by ripping of one of Root Canal's wheels. Luckily, Tombstone lost its blade and pushed Root Canal to the pulverizer. The judges eventually voted for Root Canal, putting it through to the Grand Final.                                                                                                                                                                 


A wheel-less Root Canal pushes Brutality.

In the final against Brutality, Root Canal drove straight at Brutality and stopped its blade from spinning, but Brutality managed to get underneath Root Canal and pushed it back into the arena wall. After pushing Root Canal around, Brutality got its blade spinning again and attacked Root Canal with it, sending sparks flying but failing to cause any visible damage at first. Root Canal continued to drive at Brutality until one of Root Canals wheels was torn off by Brutality's blade. Brutality attacked the vunerable Root Canal again, but the impact of its blade on Root Canal sent it flying into the air. Despite losing a wheel, Root Canal managed to persist in pushing Brutality into a corner, where smoke started to rise from it. Brutality retaliated by using its wedge to get underneath Root Canal and push it into the arena wall and the pulveriser. The two then met in the center of the BattleBox, where they both attempted to push each other and became stuck. The match was stopped for a moment to separate them. When the battle restarted, the two continued to push each other, with Root Canal being lifted momentarily by the hell raisers but it escaped. Brutality got hit by the killsaws twice. This pushing match continued until time ran out and the battle went to the judges, who ruled in favour of Brutality.           


  • Wins: 7
  • Losses: 2
Wins Losses
Vallego 2009 Drumble-B

Breaker Box

Stinger: The Killer Bee


Surgeon General





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