Not to be confused with the robot that competed from Long Beach 1999 - Season 1.0

Rhino in the arena


Rhino was a middleweight built by students from the Polytechnics University of Puerto Rico that competed in the 2009 BattleBots Collegiate Championships, as well as the 2011 Battlebots IQ event. It was armed with a vertical spinning disc. It is unknown how well they did in the competition but evidence suggests they did poorly, as the bot seemed to suffer frequent problems.

Robot History

Battlebots IQ 2011

Only two of Rhinos fights are known. The first one was against Category 5 , the match started with Category 5 spinning up to speed. Rhino however had gotten stuck on an uneven floor seam, in the meantime Rhino got it's weapon spun up freeing itself. After that Category 5 moved in and popped Rhino who still seemed to be having issues.

Afterwards Rhino came in and used it's rear wedge to attack Category 5, then promptly got stuck again while a puff of smoke appeared on Rhino. This allowed Category 5 to get two attacks in on Rhino which freed them. After this Rhino went on the attack, striking Category 5 with it's spinning disc.

However they got stuck again, but were again freed by Category 5 who sent itself flying in the process. Rhino then drove in and used it's spinning disc to take a piece off of Category 5. Unfortunately for Rhino they had lost half of their drive by this point, so they were having even more control problems.

Despite this Rhino managed to get a few more attacks in on Category 5 who was stuck in the corner, one of these attacks also took out one of the arenas I-Beams. Rhino then backed off and Category 5 got back up to speed. With about one minute left on the clock both bots collided in a big hit that immobilized Category 5, and high centered Rhino a final time. Due to Category 5 dominating most of the fight, and Rhinos lack of control the judges gave the fight to Category 5.

Rhinos next known fight was against Smashius Clay. This fight started with Rhino spinning up and slamming into Smashius Clay, then after a few minor hits Rhino lined up a shot that popped Smashius Clay into the air. Rhino then drove onto Smashius Clays rear wedge and high centered itself. Once the robots were seperated it became clear that last hit from Rhino had immobilized Smashius Clay, this gave Rhino the KO.


Competition Wins Losses
Battlebots IQ 2011 Smashius Clay Category 5

Wins: 1

Losses: 1

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