Ray Billings
Ray Billings is a member of Hardcore Robotics and the builder of Last Rites, Tombstone and The Great Pumpkin after Battlebots ended and Darkness during the original Battlebots TV run. His robots Last Rites and Tombstone was very successful. Both bots were destructive bots and Tombstone became runner up in the 2015 ABC Battlebots reboot series. It earned the award of the most destructive robot and both bots were feared by many Battlebots competitors.Tombstone also won Battlebots 2016 as Ray Billings took home the giant nut. Despite his villainy reputation with robotic combat, Ray Billings is overall a nice guy and the type of person that will help out when necessary. During competition, Ray typically does not fear the opposition due to the very power of his own robot but once in a while, he's drawn against a robot to be at least slightly fearful of.

It was announced in May of 2017 that Ray's next bot would be sponsored by Michelob Ultra.

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