Ramming speed ii

Ramming Speed II.

Ramming Speed was a lightweight robot built by Joseph Fieber which competed in Seasons 3.0 ad 4.0 of BattleBots. It was a silver four-wheeled robot with no active weapon and a front bumper. It did not do too well in competition, winning only one battle. An upgraded version of Ramming Speed also attended Season 5.0, but it encountered technical issues and was forced to forfeit.

Ramming Speed is a infamous line from Ben Hur.

Robot History

Season 3.0

Ramming speed SF01 360

Ramming Speed's Season 3.0 appearance (360 Spin).

Rmspdvsarchduke sf01

The impact between Ramming Speed and Archduke.

Ramming Speed's first and only match was against The Archduke. The match began with both robots colliding into each other in the middle of the BattleBox. Ramming Speed ended up driving over The Archduke's wedge and Ramming Speed lost power on three of its drive wheels. The Archduke could only move backward and started slamming into Ramming Speed before the time ran out. The Archduke won on a close 25-20 judge's decision and Ramming Speed was eliminated from the tournament.

Season 4.0

Rammingspeed sf01b

Ramming Speed's Season 4.0 appearance.

Rmspdvs401k sf01b

Ramming Speed pushing 401(k).

Ramming Speed's first match was against 401(k). 401(k) could only move in circles at the beginning of this battle, so Ramming Speed drove over and shoved 401(k) into the spike strip. 401(k) regained control after this and the match became a pushing match where Ramming Speed had a slight advantage. Eventually time ran out and Ramming Speed won on a 31-14 judge's decision.

Rmspvsfirestorm sf01b

Ramming Speed being pushed by Firestorm.

Ramming Speed's next battle was against Firestorm. The match overall was nothing but pushing from both robots with Firestorm showing the better pushing power with its hinged spikes. Ramming Speed got its wedge on the left side of Firestorm and started pushing it around the arena. In the last 30 seconds, Firestorm managed to escape Ramming Speed and Firestorm started pushing Ramming Speed again. Eventually time ran out and Firestorm won on a close 25-20 judge's decision. This meant the Ramming Speed was eliminated from the tournament again.

Season 5.0

Ramming Speed II was scheduled to fight Robomination but due to technical issues, Ramming Speed II was forced to forfeit and Robomination won by default. This meant that Ramming Speed II was eliminated from the tournament once again.


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 3
Competition Wins Losses
Season 3.0 None The Archduke
Season 4.0 401(k) Firestorm
Season 5.0 None Robomination (Forfeit)

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