The original six toys in the series. From left to right: Minion, El Diablo, KillerHurtz, Blendo, Vlad The Impaler and DooAll

A series released in 2001 by Tiger Electronics and Hasbro, BattleBots Custom Series feature full-function tabletop radio control robots based on well-known competitors. Unique to any other BattleBots toy series at the time, each robot was entirely customizable, though not all combinations were capable of making a fully functional toy. Every kit starts with the same basic chassis, but it's up to the owner whether it has wheels or treads, lifters or hammers, or spinning weapons but it must be equipped with a weapon or the toy does not function under any circumstance. Although armor wasn't required to run the toys, some of the weapons still needed armor to keep the weapon from becoming stuck past its usual limits. Each Custom Series toy came with additional parts to allow you to further customize the robot and were also designed to fall off to represent damage, though most of these were not present on the real robot and weren't held on very well, leaving them to possibly fall off even with little effort. They are also the second largest BattleBots merchandise, being around the same size as a 1:18 scale model car. A Tournament Edition series was also produced, which added Dr. Inferno Jr. and Son of Whyachi to the lineup but the toys in the lineup had no noticable difference, except with the abiltiy to control up to 8 of the toys at once and a slightly different box.

The robots included in the line were:

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