Potterswheel sfb01

Potter's Wheel's Season 4.0 appearance.

Potter's Wheel was a middleweight robot which competed in Season 4.0 of BattleBots. It was a two-wheeled T-shaped robot armed with an undercutting grinding flywheel. It didn't perform well in competition, losing its first match to Son of Bob.

Steve Nelson of Team K.I.S.S. helped build Potter's Wheel.

Robot history

Season 4.0

Potter's Wheel came out spinning, but Son of Bob got around behind it very skillfully and pushed it into the wall, making an awful ripping sound with its small x-axis spinner. Potter's Wheel's drive was rather weak, and soon it got stuck on the spikes. Son of Bob hit the basically dead Potter's Wheel some more as it was counted out.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
Wins Losses
Season 4.0 None Son of Bob
Potters wheel insides

Potters Wheel's insides

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