As part of a toy line by HEXBUG, Minotaur was chosen due to its high success in BattleBots ABC Season 2. It is a very accurate representation of Minotaur as it features Minotaur's overall design, including the blue light seen through gaps in the bot, however it is slightly bigger in scale and the red eyes in the artwork don't light up. Like the other HEXBUG RC Battlebots in the line, Minotaur has pieces that come off to represent damage. In the case of Minotaur, its side panels and top can come off and are held in place with magnets. The drum does not achieve the same power as the real robot due to not only safety concerns but the weapon's material and the weapon motor's overal size and power. In other words, it can't do the gyrodance or drive on one wheel. Note, the drum has difficulty knocking off armor panels, because the weapon has a short range.

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