The toy

As part of the BattleBots Happy Meal range, offered at participating restaurants between April 26th 2002 and May 23rd 2002, Mechadon was 1 of the 7 licensed robots included in this promotion and one of 8 as a whole. The toy is based on the Las Vegas 1999 version of Mechadon, due to the exposed gear on the front. It is a decent representation of Mechadon and is clearly recognisable. The legs are all movable. Unlike the other McDonald's toys in the series, Mechadon has a wind-up motor, which makes Mechadon mimic a crab walking after the toy is wound up and placed on the ground.

The toy as depicted on the bag.

Its depiction on the bag and the toy itself are much more purple than the toy or the real robot is but still features the three sections found on the real robot and the toy.

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