The Mauler dance is the name given to the uncontrollable movement of a robot armed with a horizontal spinner due to losing part of its weapon and thus becoming unbalanced. The term was named after Mauler 51-50, the first robot to do this.

Mauler 51-50 out of control after colliding with Bigger Brother and becoming unbalanced.


The term was invented from a Season 2.0 heavyweight match when Mauler 51-50 unbalanced itself after colliding with Bigger Brother and losing one of its two flails on the sides. Mauler continued to spin at top speed and spun on its side before landing on its back. Although Mauler lost the fight against Bigger Brother, the mishap became one of the most iconic moments in BattleBots history and earned the nickname "mauler dance" or "pulling a mauler".

Robots that performed the "Mauler dance"

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