Mark Beiro was the ring announcer from Battlebots Las Vegas 1999 , where he also counted down the final 10 seconds of each match, and Season 1.0-5.0. He was known to older generations as the ring announcer in some of the biggest boxing matches on national TV, which started from age 9, though went professionally at age 13, and as the ‘Voice of Jai Alai’.

Mark Beiro as of 2014

He had a few stints doing wrestling play by play, and was very good at his trade.

Mark also had a Sunday night radio program on Newsradio 970 WFLA for the better part of 12 years.

Mark's ability to handle so many uses of his vocal cords at Battlebots events gave him the nickname "Iron Throat"

When Mark first was first told about Battlebots, he didn't really know what it was going to be about. It wasn't until after the first bout that he understood what it was all about.

Mark lives in Tampa with his wife Jackie, they own a business called ‘At Your Service’

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