Maggot's Season 5.0 appearance.

Maggot was a middleweight robot which competed in the final three seasons of BattleBots. It was a white arrow-shaped robot armed with a lifting arm. It performed decently in competition, winning a few fights but never making it too far into a tournament.

Robot History

Season 3.0


Maggot's Season 3.0 appearance.

Maggot's first and only match in Season 3.0 was against F5. F5 won by KO at 1:14 and Maggot was eliminated from the tournament.

Season 4.0


Maggot's Season 4.0 appearance.

Maggot's first match in Season 4.0 was against S.O.B. in the first preliminary round. After a false start from Maggot, S.O.B. was having trouble with both its saw and one of its drive motors, but a lift by Maggot fixed the drive problem and after a second lift S.O.B. got under Maggot and drove it into the spikestrip. S.O.B. tried to bring the saw down, but since it still would not spin it used the arm as a hammer, bashing Maggot several times before being told to back off. S.O.B. did so and then immediately scooped Maggot up again, hitting Maggot a few more times before the fight ended. Maggot won on a close 23-22 judge's decision and advanced to the next preliminary round, where it faced All Weather Tire Bot.

Maggot rammed All Weather Tire Bot once before it got up to speed, and then pushed and lifted it all around. Maggot took no damage; the toothless spinner just made a little noise as it "gummed" Maggot. Maggot couldn't quite manage to flip All Weather Tire Bot, but it looked close at times. Maggot spends most of the match driving around with the helpless spinner stuck up on its arm. In the end, the time ran out and Maggot won on a 38-7 judge's decision. This win put Maggot to the final preliminary round, where it faced Summoner.

Summoner was in trouble at first as Maggot got underneath Summoner a few times. Then both robots started pushing each other until Summoner got underneath Maggot and rammed it against the arena wall. Summoner pinned Maggot for a while, then Summoner released it and did the same thing again until the time ran out. Summoner won on a close 23-22 judge's decision and Maggot was eliminated from the tournament again.

Season 5.0

Maggot was scheduled to fight The Orlando Commando first, but The Orlando Commando had technical issues and was forced to forfeit. Maggot won by default and advanced to the next preliminary round, where it faced S.O.B. again. S.O.B. won on a 31-14 judge's decision and Maggot was eliminated from the tournament once again.


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 3
Competition Wins Losses
Season 3.0 None F5
Season 4.0 S.O.B.

All Weather Tire Bot

Season 5.0 The Orlando Commando(forfeit) S.O.B.

Outside Battlebots

  • Maggot came second in the middleweight class at the 4th RoboJoust event in 2002.