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The BattleBox at Long Beach, California in 1999.

The Long Beach 1999 BattleBots event was the first competition sanctioned by BattleBots. It was held at "The Pyramid" in Long Beach, California. There were three weight classes at the event: Lightweight (named the Kilobots class), Middleweight (named Megabots) and Heavyweight (named Gigabots). Each weight class ran in a double-elimination bracket (this was the first time a BattleBots competition would be run in this style). The tournament was broadcast online on ZDTV, and was also taped for the BattleBots Beginnings DVD.


Weight Class Champion Runner-Up Third Place Fourth Place Rumble Winner
Lightweight Ziggo Defiant Executioner Toe-Crusher HammerHead
Middleweight Son of Smashy Knee-Breaker Turtle Road Kill Deadblow Deadblow
Heavyweight BioHazard KillerHurtz Rhino Tazbot Razer

Other Awards

BB LB99 light

Lightweight brackets

BB LB99 middle

Middleweight brackets

BB LB99 heavy

Heavyweight brackets

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