Kaibosch in the pits at the inaugural BattleBots IQ event.

Kaibosch was a Middleweight robot built by a group of students (going under the team name, Team Evolution) from South Wales, New York that competed in the first BattleBots IQ competition. It was a four wheeled, invertible, blue, and white box shaped robot with no active weapons. Instead Kaibosch had a unusual double wedge at the front. Kaibosch did not do well at the event, losing both of its fights. It did however win both the Consolation Rumble, and the Royal Rumble at the end of the event.

Robot History

BattleBots IQ 2002

Kaibosch's first match was against Steven Seagal. It lost this fight, and was now in the loser's bracket where it is unknown whom it faced, or even if it won. Regardless of this, Kaibosch was eventually eliminated from the competition.

Kaibosch wasn't done however as it competed in the consolation rumble at the end of the tournament. It won that, and then proceeded to participate in the Royal Rumble, where it took everyone by surprise beating out bots such as runner-up Edge, and the champion Wee Willy Wedgy to become the first BattleBots IQ Royal Rumble winner.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
BattleBots IQ 2002 None Steven Seagal



  • Kaibosch (Along with Skip or Die) is only one of two Royal Rumble winners to have never won a single battle in the main competition.
  • Kaibosch is the only Student-built robot to have won a Royal Rumble.

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