Insomnia was a lightweight robot that competed at the NPC Charity Open in 2004. It was armed with two spinning vertical flywheels with one on the front and behind. It didn't do well in competition as it lost both of its matches.

Robot History

2004 NPC Charity Open

After receiving a bye in round one, Insomnia went up against Goosfraba Steel. Goosfraba Steel controlled the majority of the match as it pushed Insomnia around the arena. At one point in the match, Goofsfraba Steel pushed Insomnia onto its side. After this, the time ran out and Goosfraba Steel won on a judge's decision. This loss meant that Insomnia was now in the loser's bracket. After receiving another bye, Insomnia went up against YU812.

Both robots collided into each other multiple times and one hit from YU812's spinning hammers tossed Insomnia onto its side. Insomnia got itself back onto its feet and YU812 hits Insomnia with its spinning hammers again. This immobilized Insomnia and it was now being counted out. YU812 won by KO and Insomnia was eliminated from the tournament.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
2004 NPC Charity Open Bye (X2)

Goosfraba Steel


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