The team's logo.

Infernolab is a team headed by Jason Dante Bardis which competed in Battlebots from Long Beach 1999 to ABC Season 2. They were quite successful, winning two lightweight championships & 1 lightweight rumble championship.

Youtube Page for the majority of Infernolab bouts - Youtube Link

Robot Weight class Events competed in
Hot Air Lightweight Long Beach 1999
The Missing Link Lightweight Long Beach 1999-Season 1.0
Slugger Heavyweight Las Vegas 1999
Dr. Inferno Jr. Lightweight Season 1.0-Season 5.0
Towering Inferno Heavyweight Season 3.0-Season 5.0
The Disk O' Inferno Heavyweight ABC Season 2


  • Wins: 17
  • Losses: 16
  • Hot Air
  • Dr. Inferno Jr.
  • Towering Inferno
  • Rampage, Jason Bardis' entry in Robot Wars 1995 and 1996
  • Bot Will Eat Itself, Jason Bardis' entry in Robot Wars 1997
  • The Missing Link
  • Slugger
  • Hell On Wheels
  • Mini Inferno
  • Lame-o and Same-o Inferno
  • Disko Inferno (Middleweight)
  • The Disk O' Inferno (Heavyweight)

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