The Giant Screw.

The Giant Screw Award was an unofficial award given by the builders after Season 4.0. It was awarded to the robot which took the most damage but survived to the end of the fight. The builders voted based on what robot they thought took the most damage. The screw itself was donated by one of the builders.


Joint Second: Billy-Bot and Pro-AM

Billy-Bot and Pro-AM tied for second with 12 votes. Billy-Bot was destroyed by Phrizbee in its battle, not tapping out in order to let Phrizbee knock the hat placed at the end of the chassis off.

Billybot sfb01

Billy-Bot before meeting Phrizbee.


Billy-Bot after its battle.

Pro-AM lost two of its drive motors after battling Swirlee. Team Robot Dojo kept charging at Swirlee, taking damage but earning aggression points. However, it lost a close judge's decision.

Proam sfb01

Pro-AM before battling Swirlee.


Pro-AM after the battle.

Winner: Decimator

Decimator, with 14 votes, won the Giant Screw Award after being destroyed by M.O.E. in its only fight. It took so much damage one of the CrewBots had to go in with a full-face-shield afterwards in order to safely deactivate the robot, to protect against blown debris from any ruptured or venting pneumatics.

Decimator sfb01

Decimator before meeting M.O.E.


Decimator with the Giant Screw.

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