Executioner lb1999

Executioner's Long Beach 1999 appearance.

Executioner was a lightweight competitor that competed in the Long Beach 1999 event of BattleBots. It was a black rectangular robot armed with a chainsaw on a 360-degree turret and a front scoop. It performed well in its only appearance, placing third in the competition. It had no relation to the UK Competitor of the same name that competed on Battlebots as The Piecemaker.

Executioner was most notable for damaging Mouser Catbot 2001 so severely that a "cybernetic implant" had to be patched over the damage, transforming it into Mouser Mecha-Catbot for the three subsequent events.
Executioner vs mouser

Executioner slices its chainsaw into Mouser Catbot 2001.

Robot history

Long Beach 1999

Executioner's first match saw it go up against Gorange 3. Executioner won by KO and it advanced to the next round, where it faced Deathtrap. Executioner won by crowd vote and advanced to the next round, where it faced Ziggo. Ziggo won by KO and Executioner was now in the loser's bracket, where it faced Mouser Catbot 2001. Executioner got its chainsaw through the side of Mouser and Mouser eventually stopped moving. Executioner won by KO and advanced to the next round, where it faced Deathtrap again. Executioner won again by crowd vote and advanced to the quarterfinals of the melee, where it faced Tentoumushi. Executioner won by KO and advanced to the semifinals, where it faced Toe-Crusher. Executioner won by judge's decision and advanced to the finals of the loser's melee, where it faced Ziggo again. Ziggo won again by KO and Executioner was eliminated from the tournament.

Executioner wasn't finished, however, as it participated in the kilobot royal rumble at the end of the tournament.


  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 2

Wins Losses
Long Beach 1999

Gorange 3

Deathtrap (X2)

Mouser Catbot 2001



Ziggo (X2)

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