Eban Schletter is a music artist best known for creating the music for the BattleBots TV show matches, and even sound effects for the countdown (with a vocorder and end-of-match buzzer (using a keyboard and heavy distortion). His work also includes two BattleBots
Eban Schletter

Eban Schletter

-themed CDs, one for Mouster Mecha Catbot and one for Dr. Inferno Jr, each with 3 or possibly more songs listed below.

Mouser Mecha Catbot CD

Track Listing:

1. Mouser Mecha Catbot (2:37) (A song higlighting the robot in a positive way)

2. Ready to Roll (Mouser Pit Song (2:36) (A song that details some of the components of the robot)

3. Mecha-Remix (5:13) (basically a remix of Ready to Roll).

Dr. Inferno Jr. CD

Track Listing:

1. Welcome to the Infernolab (featuring Jason Dante Bardis)

2. Dr. Inferno Jr. (mostly instrumental with the robot's name being sung throughout)

3. Dies Infernum

4. Dr. Inferno Jr. (extended remix)

Possible 5th track.

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