Eastybeast charity04

Easty Beast's appearance at the NPC Charity Open in 2004.

Easty beast

Easty Beast in the pits during Season 5.0.

Easty Beast was a middleweight robot built by Donald Hutson for Comedy Central's "It's Your Battle" sweepstakes prior to Season 5.0. The winner of the sweepstakes would recieve Easty Beast and would be able to compete in Season 5.0 with it. The initial design was similar to Tazbot minus the head and arm with cambered wheels and a weapon in front. For the contest there were three weapon designs available--clamping jaws, a set of dual carbide-tipped saws, or an articulated grinding drill.

The winner of the contest, Lance Lyle, chose the design with the jaws. Despite appearing on the television show in a short segment, Easty Beast lost in the qualifiers to Spike Demon and never fought in a televised match. Easty Beast returned for the NPC Charity Open under control of Donald Hutson, where it won two fights as well as losing two.

In 2007 Easty Beast was rebuilt, and renamed into Carbide, and was one of eight robots that competed in the private BattleBots ran event at that years Sun Microsystems Java One conference. However it did even worse there, losing in the first round to Icewave.

Robot history

Season 5.0

NPC Charity Open

BattleBots at Java One

Now renamed Carbide, Easty Beasts first opponent was Icewave. This fight started with Icewave spinning up, and getting one good hit on Carbide. However this hit caused Icewaves engine to stall, and the fight was now a pushing match. Icewave then pushed Carbide under the Pulverizers, the repeated pounding from the Pulverizers disabled Carbides drivetrain, and it was counted out. This meant that Carbide was eliminated from the event in the first round.


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 4
Wins Losses
Season 5.0 Mohammed Ali Spike Demon
2004 NPC Charity Open

Bye x2

Blue Flame

Speed Bump XL

Devil's Plunger

Red Square

BattleBots at Java One None Icewave

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