The prototype on top of the real Deadblow robot.


The finished model.

Sold as a single set, the Deluxe Metal Mechanics set included highly detailed constructable models of Minion and Deadblow. The parts were also designed to be completely interchangeable, allowing for a variety of interesting Minion/Deadblow hybrids to be made. This is the summary for the Deadblow half of the set.

Based on the Season 2.0 version of the robot of the same name, the Deluxe Metal Mechanics Deadblow is built on the same chassis that you would build the Minion model on. A rubber band is connected between a moving cylinder and the hammer in order to make it move. When the motor runs, the hammer strikes at a surprisingly fast pace (about 3 strikes every second) but for safety reasons, is not built to destroy anything but may destroy light materials like styrofoam or tissues. A choice of 4 other weapons are available for Deadblow, mainly more elaborate hammers.

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