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Deadblow's Season 5.0 appearance, alongside builder Grant Imahara.
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Deadblow sfb01
Deadblow from Season 4.0.
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Deadblow was a middleweight robot built by Mythbuster Grant Imahara for BattleBots. It was a silver box-shaped robot armed with a Co2-powered pickaxe (which later had a lifter attachment) and side skirts which were added for Season 3.0 after Deadblow lost to Bad Attitude the previous season. Deadblow participated in every season of BattleBots in which its weight class was represented, and did particularly well (Becoming the Season 1.0 runner-up) until Season 4.0. Deadblow had a severe weakness to wedged robots, losing to a wedge in three of the six seasons it competed.
Deadblow's Season 3.0 appearance
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Deadblow lv00
Deadblow's Season 2.0 appearance
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Deadblow SF00
Deadblow's Season 1.0 appearance.
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Deadblow LB99
Deadblow's Long Beach 1999 appearance.
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Deadblow is also used on the show Mythbusters every so often to provide assistance.


  • Wins: 10
  • Losses: 7
Wins Losses
Long Beach 1999 SlapPest

Scorpion "Beta 3"


Son of Smashy, Turtle Road Kill
Season 1.0 Bye

Alien Gladiator

Pressure Drop

Season 2.0 Bye


Bad Attitude
Season 3.0 Spinster Twin Paradox
Season 4.0 None Summoner
Season 5.0 Blue Devil

Angry Barracuda

Oh Debsy



Any appearances by Deadblow in merchandise are listed below:

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