D-Monic as it appeared for the inaugural BattleBots IQ tournament.

D-Monic was a Middleweight robot built by Team Cerberus that competed at the inaugural BattleBots IQ tournament. It was a two-wheeled black, and silver robot armed with an electrically powered hammer. It is unknown how well it did in the competition, D-Monic would continue competing until at least 2005 when it was presumably retired in favor of the team switching to insect class bots.

Team Cerberus still competes in various other leagues to this day, although they have never built another bot as heavy as D-Monic.


  • D-Monic was entirely rebuilt after the first BattleBots IQ tournament, and upon retirement it was a completely different robot, and closely resembled Pentazmo Destructo instead of the thin electric axe that it appeared as during its BattleBots appearance.

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