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Chinkilla 3.0
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Chin-Killa was a robot owned by Jay Leno that competed in several demonstration events during BattleBots. Chin-Killa weighed over the weight limit for even the superheavyweight class, which is why it only competed in demonstration battles. Chin-Killa's main weapon was its flipping arm, which was painted to look like Leno's face. It also had four spinning blades on the sides which did little to no damage to opponents.
Chinkillalv00 stats
Chin-Killa's stats as listed on the TV show.
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It beat Ginsu in a demo fight in Season 2.0.

It fought in a exhibition fight against Nibbler, Reactore, SMD, Mordicus, Gungnire and General Gau in Season 3.0 but no winner was revealed.

It also fought Ginsu, La Machine and Dreadnought in a demo fight in Season 3.0.

Chinkilla on the tonight show
Chin-Killa when it appeared on "The Tonight Show".
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Wins: 2

Losses: Unknown

Wins Losses
Season 2.0 Ginsu (Exhibition fight) None
Season 3.0 GinsuLa Machine and Dreadnought (Exhibition fight) Unknown
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