Charles Tilford Today.

Charles Tilford was a member and the driver of the "South Bay Robo Warriors". The team consisted of both sons, Morgan Allen-Tilford and Henry Allen-Tilford as well as Kim Knollenberg and Alan Vermette, which built the famous spinner, Mauler. The Mauler team did fairly well in competition, being televised often due to their exciting, and destructive design. The Tilford family was also known for their eccentric behavior and passion for robot combat. Charles Tilford was one of the oldest roboteers, going back to the original Robot Wars with the South Bay Mauler.

Outside of BattleBots

Charles Tilford has been in the vanguard of art and environmental technology since his earliest days at Columbia. A 3-2 student from Middlebury College, Charles likes to say he majored in mechanical engineering and minored in Apollo Theater. He was also bass guitarist. While in Columbia, he played in the band “Voltaire’s Nose” with Chris Guest before he became Nigel Tufnel in Spinal Tap.

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