As part of a range of toys by Tech4Kids, Bronco was selected as one of at least four robots to be made into a toy and is designed to look like a puzzle with two types of pieces that interlock together. This replica of Bronco is based on its Season 1 design but lacks the wheel guards on the sides. Like the other Teck4Kids BattleBots toys, the toy is powered via remote control using the four main buttons on the front for steering and the two buttons on the top for the weapon. Like the Beta HEXBUG RC toy, pressing and holding one of the buttons on the remote allows the flipper to fire and reset continuously while pressing and releasing the button causes the flipper to activate or reset once and stay in its position.  Additionally, Bronco has a kill switch located at the bottom-left corner of the toy that not only disables the toy when hit but causes the armor panels on that side to pop off and turns on a red light on top of the toy. This toy is also available as a 2-pack with Tombstone.

Differences from the Prototype

1. The design for the wheels, kill switch and removable panels is different with the prototype, with the removable panels now being a mixture of puzzle piece-like panels and flat plastic-like panels.  

Possible Robots for Remodelling

As a flipper robot, Bronco is capable of being converted into just about any flipper robot from more recent times or back in the Comedy Central days and here's a few possibilities:

  • Toro: This robot is pretty simple to redesign given that Toro is also a flipper and more square. Simply add armor around the edges and modify the flipper to be more vertical. You can even add fake horns for a bonus touch. Do note that you still won't have the flipping power of the real robot and this is also true with The Matador.
  • Bite Force: Though Bite Force has a different weapon, its old claw and lifter set-up could be modified from Bronco's flipper. Obviously lots of painting will be required and you won't have a treaded robot unless you're willing to put in the extra time but Bite Force's design is simple enough.
  • The Matador: This may be the easiest considering Bronco is modeled after The Matador. You'd have an option to pick either the four-wheel or two-wheel design of the robot.
  • Complete Control: Similar to Bite Force, Complete Control is also possible and you could convert into either the Comedy Central era version or the modern version. The arm will probably have to be attached separately and will likely not be able to lift unless it is tied with the bottom half of the weapon.