Breaker box HW

Breaker Box.

Breaker Box was a heavyweight robot built by Team Nightmare which fought in the 2009 BattleBots Professional Championship. It was a box-shaped robot armed with a titanium lifting scoop on a 360-degree axle so it could function while being invertible. It didn't do well in competition, winning one battle, but losing 2. Breaker Box still fights today with progressively better results.

Breaker Box was originally a middleweight built in three weeks for a competition in 2006 and was a essentially an up scaled version of Team Nightmare's ant, Shazbot.

Robot history

2009 Pro Championships

In Breaker Box's fight against Brutality. Breaker Box got the first attack in before Brutality could spin its blade up to speed, pushing Brutality with the scoop. Brutality escaped and retaliated, causing sparks with the impact of its blade on Breaker Box's scoop. The impact was so great that Breaker Box became immobilized, eliminating Breaker Box.


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
2009 Pro Championships Suspect Device


Root Canal

Breakerbox top

Breaker Box as a middleweight in 2006

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