The toy out of its packaging.

As part of a range released in 2001 by Tiger Electronics and Hasbro, Blendo was 1 of 8 robots in the RC Custom Series and was first packaged with DooAll in the BattleBots Custom Series Playset. Like other robots in the series, Blendo contained the same chassis as the other toys and built in impact sensors allowed "virtual damage" to be shown on the robot, as a result of ramming. Flashing LEDs on top of each toy displayed exactly how much damage it had taken, and the robot would cease to function once its light was no longer illuminated. In the case of Blendo, the robot came with an arrowhead attachment to indicate the front. This may have also been made to simulate Blendo's real life blades, which are situated in a similar location or to help with driving the toy. The arrow is swappable with more fitting "teeth" but in either case, they are designed to fall off in battle.

The prototype of the toy. The circle is where the name of the robot is located on the toy. Note the caution stripes on various places and the metallic look of the toy.

This is the only one of the Custom Series to have a partially transluscent body to make the LED light visible. Blendo is one of the most inaccurate of the RC Custom Series, looking nothing like the real robot apart from having a spinning shell weapon. Strangely, despite Blendo's actual weapon being its spinning shell, the toy's instructions state that the pointed arrow used to show direction is also its weapon.