As part of a range of toys by Tech4Kids, Blacksmith was chosen as one of at least four robots to be made as a toy and is designed to look somewhat like a puzzle with two types of pieces that interlock together and can come off to represent damage. Following the events of its battles with Minotaur and Bronco, Blacksmith's hammer head can detach in battle. The toy features Blacksmith's iconic hammer but the replica is lighter gray than the real robot. The toy is powered via remote control using the four main buttons on the front while the weapon is operated using the two buttons on the top of the remote. Like the other Tech4Kids BattleBots, Blacksmith has a kill switch at the bottom-left corner of the toy that not only prevents the toy from being controlled with the remote if it is hit but causes the top panels on that side to pop off and turns on a red light on top of the toy. This toy is also available as a 2-pack with Minotaur.

Differences from the Prototype

1. The prototype has nothing written on the hammer

2. The hammer is one solid piece.

3. The removable panels, killswitch and wheels are mostly a different design.

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