Bio box

BioHazard with all 3 attachments fitted.

Alongside Diesector, BioHazard was 1 of the 2 radio controllable BattleBots made by Tiger Electronics in 2001. It is based on the Las Vegas 1999 version of BioHazard, due to the lack of sponsors and visible rivets. This RC model measures roughly 13½ inches long by 10 inches. The lifting arm is motorized, but is nearly useless due to the delay in the arm raising up and the "twitch" before it returns into the body. On top are three red lights that indicate when the robot is turned on. When the robot is hit by an opponent for a certain amount of times, a light goes out. When all three red lights are out, the toy is immobilized. BioHazard also came with an alternate lifting arm plate with entrapment spikes, and 2 attachable spike strips designed to push other robots off the side of BioHazard.


This toy was likely rebuilt from the Complete Control prototype featured on Battlebots as the prototype also had six wheels.

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